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George Michael Band

George Michael Band

The George Michael Freedom Project is a unique worldwide musical project that brings listeners and viewers to the music of George Michael in its truest form. The George Michael Band, or in other words, the revival or tribute band, consists of eleven members, who are all professionals in their field showing off a truly amazing performance. The solo voice of this group is Robert Redlich, who is a member of the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and a regular guest of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The same orchestra that accompanied George Michael on his last tour called Symphonica.

George Michael Band was formed in September 2015. Since then, the band has been continuously working on expanding their repertoire. The professionalism of all the members, great music arrangements and professional technical support all contribute to a successful project. As mentioned above, George Michael Band can be understood as - George Michael - revival or George Michael - tribute. The name George Michael Freedom Project brings endless possibilities to freely prepare a program for any occasion held in music clubs, concert halls or during open air events.

About us
portrait Robert Redlich
  Singer, band leader, bassist, a lover of fast motor boats and American cars  
portrait Kateřina Jendrísková portrait Kateřina Ondryášová portrait Pavel Zmátlo
Our first vocal princess, a student at the Conservatory in Teplice   Our second vocal princess, also a student at the Conservatory in Teplice   Singer, choirmaster and an excellent colleague
portrait Robert Sidor portrait Jan "Stehla" Stehlík portrait Zdeněk Kohout
Singer and expert on George Michael   Our guitar magician, studio technician, and joker   Pianist and keyboardist, teacher and an excellent "skateboarder"
portrait Pavel Dvořák portrait Petr "Igy" Novotný portrait Jiří Soukup
Saxophonist, adrenaline sportsman and a person who had the honor to accompany George Michael on his Symphonica tour   Bassist, a handsome man and an English language specialist   Drummer, sampling master
portrait Tomáš Port
  Percussionist, the most curliest guy who does not spoil any fun  


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Contact Jakub Fischer
Phone.: +420 737 215 312
E-mail: info@georgemichaelband.com

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